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The Secret of Success: Do Positive, Part-3

Posted by Shailesh Davara on October 07, 2013 | 1 Minute Read

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In the last post, we were talking about the positive attitude towards our self and beliefs in ourselves. I am continuing from there, the next thing to be successful with ‘The Secret’ is to ‘Do Positive’. Yes, obviously we have to do work for it.

One should not have to stop by just being positive towards life. We have to work for it. But now after being positive, one will start to enjoy work as we will know, the result will be as per our expectations. Now one will work with great enthusiasm.

You may have heard about a saying ‘if the emperor of forest, the lion does not take any effort, deer will not enter in their mouth’. Simply, we have to work to get success. One should be focused for his goal, there should not be left any place for other random thoughts and other activities.

Till now we were going in the wrong direction, so we were not enjoying our work but now we have right path for success. There are so many people around the world applied this law of attraction in their life, and eating the fruit of success. Success will definitely come to us, but that will be depends on our attraction towards our goal.

If we have a single doubt on our self, we won’t achieve our goal. At that time we attracted negative energy towards us. So keep to faith and trust on ourselves and just been busy at work.

This is the simplest and an easy way to be successful, but ultimately we have to work on it. We can’t blame to others. If somebody has given us a way, we should not expect them to come along with us. We have to go alone on the path of our destiny.