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The Secret of Success: Be Specific, Part-2

Posted by Shailesh Davara on October 03, 2013 | 2 Minute Read

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Be Specific.

In the Secret of success, the first step is to be specific about your goal, about your wish, about your expectation.

Each individual has a different point of success,like one wish to have enough money to fly anywhere, spend holidays in luxurious cruise, have fame, have a loving family, have jobs in their desired field, have home etc. These wishes are endless from person to person.

Before we define our goals or need, we should need to be specific about our goal. For an instance, one wants a nice home. Yes, that’s good wish but what does one expect in their dream home? How many yards? How many rooms? How should it look? What is other facilities one expecting? Where should it be? Each and every thing should be visualized in the mind.

If we don’t know what we want then it will be worth less for defining the goal. It’s like somebody is saying, I want to go somewhere, Where everything should be there. After all, what is everything? We can have everything where we live now. So, we need to be clear about our goal.

Let’s take an another example, somebody wish to have a life partner. We should be clear about his/her qualities? How does he/she look? What will be age difference? What will be height/complexion etc.? And many more, each and everything should be cleared in the mind, so we can say yes, that is what we wished.

Once you are clear and specific about your goal.Write down all things in your personal notes. If you can draw pictures of it, go for it. Keep that in your safe place.

Yes, it’s a crazy thing like once we clear about our wish and write down or draw pictures, But do it.

As soon as you have written down your wish, you have got it 50%. Because now you can view your dream by looking at your notes or picture and that is done by you only.You will get confidence. You will think, currently you have it on paper but in future you will have it.

I hope this is a very important post for all of us. We would try clear about our expectation, what do we want in our life? We have got a purpose of our life. Best of luck!!