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  • Posted by Shailesh Davara on October 30, 2018

    Consuming custom format JSON SQS with Laravel

    Laravel provides many ways to scale our application. Queuing up time consuming task is one the best way. Laravel has the best integration with AWS SQS, we can just queue up our job and everything will be taken care by following laravel’s configura...

  • Posted by Shailesh Davara on October 27, 2018

    How to consume AWS API in laravel

    Amazon web services provide many services such as SQS, SNS, S3 which can be very useful for managing application nicely. Many applications rely on those services and also we can have our own API/contract on top of AWS services. For that matter, we...

  • Posted by Shailesh Davara on July 07, 2017

    Eloquent Global Scopes: A cool and easy way to fetch loggedin user data

    Laravel eloquent ORM has come a long way since it’s been added in laravel. Today, I’m going to discuss a topic around laravel Eloquent ORM, that is “Global Scopes”. Anyone working with laravel must be aware about “scope” keyword in laravel model. ...

  • Posted by Shailesh Davara on May 18, 2017

    PHP Valet: Another nice tool by laravel

    It is almost 4+ Years, I’m working with the Laravel PHP framework. When I first started, it was all about a new way of writing PHP applications. I was quite impressed with the structure and I have not looked back since then. It was laravel 4.x ver...

  • Posted by Shailesh Davara on November 08, 2016

    Don't go for the single page framework in public facing web application

    I’ve been heavily involved in the development of front-end application with Angualr.js for 3+ years. During all these times, we have been using angular.js for one of the SAAS, we have come across many issues and solved it successfully. We never ge...