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The Secret of Success, Part-1

Posted by Shailesh Davara on October 01, 2013 | 1 Minute Read

The Secret, The Hidden, things we don’t know, things which has been not told. I am talking about Secret about success. If you use internet nicely, you must have idea of Movie “The Secret”, which is well known and welcomed in all over the world. I am going to stretch away topic of that movie in upcoming posts. There are so many things explained in the movie as well as in the Book ‘The Secret’, I want to repeat some of it and also want to give my views.

First one should understand that success can be achieved by everyone, it is not the proprietary of few People.

The Secret of success is based on the Law of Attraction. We can compare it with law of gravitational force. Many times we have experienced of it, but we don’t give much attention to it. Say for example, in a day we were just thinking about our home, our friend, our car and surprisingly at night we have dreamt of it. Yes! This is the example of our attraction, we attracted our car, our home towards us and we have it in our dreams.

In real life, we see many people with physical disability and they have got tremendous success in their life. There are so many examples around us, but we don’t think why did it happen? All things can happen to us. We have to know the Secret of it.

Everyone does not know Secret so they see them self as an ordinary person but let me remind you again, we all have the same capability and we can do all what others can do. We need to have trust in ourselves. We need to pass through a few steps of the Law of Attraction and we will have all, if we follow them correctly. Again we have to do everything, nobody can help us for it. Other people can show us the way but at least we need to walk on it.

Today we have built up ground for new work and from next onwards, we will explore remaining steps of success ‘The Secret’.