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What problems are you solving?

Posted by Shailesh Davara on November 20, 2013 | 2 Minute Read

It’s been more than a decade I am around software industry. During this time I have witnessed the industry at different stages with different roles. All the time I wonder, what could be best of it?

Most of time I am asked to give answer of technology platform or the areas which could lead to fast money machine. There were very less people, who have been truly amazed with the field they are working, and the problems they have been solved. Most of time the root cause of technology driven business is easier and massive money in short periods. I agree with it and not saying it is not the driving factor but after some level paradigm should shift to solve a problem geniusly.

What I learned from my experience that end users who are actually using the software are not concerned about their software technology or any of the company name. Their concerns for their problems and they wish their solution should be easy to use and make their life easier. Instead of suggesting a simple solution, sometimes I have seen that due to lack of knowledge or greedy nature, people build a solution around legacy overhead technology and simply loose the faith of people on software systems. At this, we the people who work in the software industry are accused at some level.

I have also seen that people are advocating the technology based on expenses and millions instead of quality and assurance. I do not have any personal opinion for any technology but some technology are good for solving a particular type of problem and some are good at others. It could be also possible of solving the problem with two different technologies but at that time, it is required to take expert advice, who has used it and failed a time.

Every problem has their unique nature and its shares property. These properties could lead to gain experience, which could lead to taking a decision when next time very similar property is shared in the problem. Instead of saying yes, and making people fool and building mess it is always advisable to quit. Sometimes quite at one place can open up door of the next big problem.

If we look back in the past, scenarios are quite changed from the days where software system was started. Now a days it’s easier to get used of different tools and technology. The environment is even become suitable for solving the problem.

Instead of building solution around the technology, it is learning experience of building solution for the problem. It is the right way of software engineering.

What problems are you solving right now?