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Sales and Marketing

Posted by Shailesh Davara on October 30, 2013 | 1 Minute Read

Sales and Marketing are the driving factors of any organization. These terms determine the growth and progress of the organization. If any of them don’t sync, It surely affects organization’s overall goal and results.

Let’s elobrate it.


It is a process to show product before it has been launched and available for usage. It should arouse curiosity in the mind of customers. One should focus on marketing in such a strong way that, the customer gives pre-orders.

During the process of marketing, customer doesn’t not get access to actual prodcut. They can check technical specification and document, they can see demo model. Marketing is the virtual world, where you need to visualize product and customer should feel the test of actual product.

Branding, promotional offer, brochure is part of marketing. Each of these, should be made enough attractive and nice so customer would be attracted. In short, Marketing must create a solid base for coming product. It should make customer day dreaming for the featured product.


It is a process to make the actual selling of product. It could be a tough job if marketing was not done nicely. At the same time, it generates revenue for the organization. Sales sheds light on balance sheet and profit.

During the sales, the person has an actual product in their hand. Sales can be done with different method like Direct Sales, Retail outlet, business sales, order sales etc. It is a very important to hand over product to consume as soon as it is available for usage. Sales also includes, reaching out to targeted markets and consumer at the right time.

In short, sales are started once promotional marketing is over and the actual product is launched in the market.

Sales and marketing are important for any organization. A product can only be successful, if it has been marketed properly and sales team has planned it’s reaching out time.