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Breking bad, a story about setting out death bed?

Posted by Shailesh Davara on December 27, 2013 | 1 Minute Read

Before few days back I have watched serial “Breaking Bad” and I was impressed with the lead character of “Walter White”. When I reached to Felina (last episode), it was for sure that all he did, was for him only. His love for chemistry was making him alive and was enough for striving against cancer.

I am sure many of you have watched that episode and have already learned the lesson which I wanted to pass on here. But for those who need to know more, let me try to explain things here.

It has been said and advised many times by doctors and life lesson that people are happier and more productive when they do what they love. Everyone is blessed with some special gift by born and they tend to develop their interest in an area over the years. Many people enough lucky to have the field and work they love most and some are not.

We all have a special love for the work. If we are inclined with particular, there would be no doubt of success and happiness. Prosperity, happiness, success are a few fuel for making life livable and more enjoyable. It is a matter of fact that all the time we have burning desire of creating milestone in the area we are interested. These are the areas, where one doesn’t get bored and always cheer up themselves and surrounded atmosphere.

That area of your interest can create an inevitable success for you. When such a place is found, there is no worry for leaving breath harmony. This could be the best place for an exit.

I hope that you get what I tried to say here, It’s the best place in death bed, where we have a special love.

So, where do you want to set your death bed?