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Why should not start a new project?

Posted by Shailesh Davara on June 23, 2015 | 2 Minute Read

I believe that before starting out any project or any event, one should analyze the situation and if it requires go ahead. Otherwise, I strongly believed that we should stop thinking and move on to other areas as soon as we can.

Many times, we found that we find a solution to any real life problem and get into providing a nice and clean solution. Of course, we wish to make a dent into that particular industry by providing a solution. I’ll doubt, if we are the only people have thought about it!! The world is a big place and there are many intelligent people than we think so.

As per my learning, I see that our solution should have an impact on the end user’s work. The solution should make their life easier, not complex and messy. Our solution should increase their productivity and at a long run, it should pay off with the efforts we have put on.

Any solution will have two types of goal, improve the way people think and work or increase productivity. We see many solutions around our life that have improved our life, yet the company is not generating any profit. Few solutions are developed just to increase the productivity and creating a wealth. There are less chances of meeting both goals.

There are possibilities that solutions, we are planning is already existed and we are yet to come across. It will be the process of re-inventing the wheel and wasting time.

Following are a few questions that must be discussed before starting any project:

  • Is there any solution already existed?

  • If you see that there are different projects already existed, why do you think you will replace it with your project?

  • What unique feature are you going to solve in your solution?

  • Do you have any idea of your project domain?

  • Do you know some people, who are in the need of your project?

  • Do you believe your project will solve the problem the way you think?

  • Will your project generate income or improve people’s lives?

  • How would you able to provide a complete solution?

  • Are you going to start work in your project just the sake of getting attention or get bored from your daily work?

Don’t take this post a de-motivation to an innovative idea. I wanted to clear a ground reality of our project. Among 100 startups, there are hardly 10-15 startups see a year or two and survive. Before thinking of a new project, make sure that Is it really worthy of our time?

All the best!!