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Should I update my application framework version?

Posted by Shailesh Davara on August 31, 2016 | 1 Minute Read

This question comes to mind whenever we see a newer version of the framework which we are using in our application. As a technical person, it’s always fascinating to update existing codebases to newer version and showcase that skill to the world. At some level, I’ve been to that place. But, as the time passed and experienced with different technologies and applications, I come to realize that it’s not always necessary or required to update existing code base to a newer version just for the sake of our technology upgrade desires.

I’ve listed a few points to consider before upgrading application framework:

  • Does my existing version have any critical issue which has been fixed in the newer version?
  • What is the learning curves involved in upgrade to a newer version?
  • What are the chances of new feature development in the current application?
  • How do you see your development team adapt with newer version of the framework?
  • Can a newer version upgrade existing application without breaking changes?
  • How much cost effective of migrating to newer version considering future supports?

The list can be a lengthy one. Technical people may think to upgrade to a newer version as a benefit, but it could be costlier for the business. When there are less chances of future changes and system running smoothly, it’s not advisable to upgrade as it’s a very older version. In case of future lot more changes, one can start writing a new system along with supporting older version. This allows to take advantage of old system logic and advantages of newer version’s technology changes.

Be careful and Take a decision wisely!!