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Resolution for the life

Posted by Shailesh Davara on January 02, 2014 | 1 Minute Read

Only two days of the new year had gone and almost every web articles have dragged out topic of taking resolution for the new year.

Then, why should I not?

Anyways, let me try to write and give a little light of my own perception for the resolution.

Well, I quite believed in the resolution for the new year as it allowed you to check out your last year and progress you made. What did you achieve from the last year and what is left on for the new year?

But since a last year, I dropped the idea of taking a year resolution and instead I made the idea of taking resolution for the life. Yes, it seems crazy. I had one desire to become in time for my office but I was not able to do it anyhow and you know last year as I stopped myself on that desire, it just happened. From Feb -2013, I’d say that almost everyday, I made for reaching to the office in time.

From my own experience of last year, I’d like to say that don’t regret yourself when you don’t make it in the given time period. Some desires and goal stay for the life long. It’s even good all the time, say for example if I’d become in time of a year then what about rest of years in my life. I should perceive this as a habit. Yes, now it’s in the right direction. Some resolution should be perceived as the life habit.

Those good habits turn to the great goal fulfilling fuel for the life.

So, now just look back on to your previous year’s list and see what had not gone well? Do you see it as hard for you? Don’t worry move them to lifelong resolution. I hope it would be fun for you and it will surely make things well when you don’t give much attention in the particular direction. It automatically falls in the right direction.

Best of luck !!

Have a nice resolution day!!