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Cause of missing deadline in a project

Posted by Shailesh Davara on September 21, 2013 | 2 Minute Read

Most of time in software development, project missed out its original deadline. This is really crucial issue in any project. It is nice if one could identify the cause behind it and try not to repeat same things again.

I am going to summarize the points of deadline missing as below.

Poor Analysis

Whenever the project is analyzed poorly it surely leads to many anomalies in the development. Due to poor analysis following type of bug introduces in the project.

Bad database design

Due to bad database design it costs a lot more time to add a single field in a table.

Scaling issue

Due to not considering scaling of feature, it will end up getting more rework in the existing work for enhancing a feature.

Poor Performance

Poor Performance is the right tool for predicting project’s success or failure. Poor performance can be measured by considering following points.

Project Members are not focused

People, who is working on a project is necessarily required to focus on the project. If they are not, it will surely lead to run behind schedule.

Incorrect tools

If at the given time people don’t use the proper tools or methods it does not complete the project in a timely manner.

Change Request

During project development, there are some request from stakeholders for changing the flow, or change in a feature. Due to having too much change request, people repeating same feature again and again with a new change request.

Poor Estimation

Project time can be decided properly if there is a proper specification prepared earlier. Below are some points for poor estimation.

Lack of domain knowledge

When Planner doesn’t aware about project business domain, there is a possibility of missing important business requirements.

Lack of co-ordination between stakeholder and development team

It is very important to have good rapport between stakeholder and development team. If development team does not try to wear shoes of stakeholder it will end up with an improper requirement and invalid flow.

Lack of Motivation

This is one of the important factors in any project failure and even in one’s career goal.There could be below possible reason for lack of motivation.

Not satisfied with the work

If a person is not satisfied with their work, he/she will not make any remarkable work and ultimately project suffers.

Lack of interest

Sometimes due to having other assigned work, people does not give much attention to the project and one project suffers over another.

Lacking in skill set

In a project, there is need of a particular skill set depends on the nature of the project. If one is not enough competence with the skill set before the project starts, he/she starts losing motivation.


Sometimes, few team members are easy going and due to having such nature, the project suffers and miss out a deadline.

Fear of failure

In a situation, one needs to take a lead and establish stepping stone for further development but they fear from failure and don’t see any motivating things.

Hope you will consider these points before starting a project and will be free from missing a deadline. :)